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EDN Themes: Trade & Commerce

Listed below are entries for the Trade & Commerce theme. Related entries can be found through keyword searches. For example, creativity can be found in other themes. Using Google "Search This Site" to do a keyword search for "creativity" reveals related entries in other themes.

Brands: Conversations of High Quality

I was just reading an interesting post by John Moore called More thoughts on thinking or doing... that caused me to ask, "What is the most recent quality conversation I have had?" John states, "...I think that creating conversations of great quality is largely what marketing must do. And if marketing people (and I daresay anyone else) aren't reflecting on how they converse, they may be missing some pretty useful - and actionable - information on how to do their job better." This is an important idea and one that moves the world of marketing into close alignment with learning...

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Corporations: Schools And The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power

Joel Bakan's The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power exposes a fundamental and sometimes hidden premise in any corporate entity. There is a connection to education that might be worth exploring here...

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Marketing: Books, Network Marketing and Amazonian Aggregations

Writing about books that have provided me with some kind of value and benefit is first and foremost an act of enjoyment. I also take the time to read recommendations from other reviewers and webloggers to gain insights into the books they value and make decisions about what to read. If the review they provide inspires me to buy the book, I am happy to do so through their affiliate link.

I still explore books by going to a library or bookstore and wandering through whatever I might find. These are places of physical aggregation. Exploring books on the Internet is secondary, since I there is no way for me to hold the book in my hands (although, there are more and more opportunities to explore the contents of books online). A major benefit of exploring books on the Internet is the ability to read other opinions and recommendations. These are places of virtual aggregation.

I think the question of how we become aware of books that we might want to read is an interesting one. It is, perhaps, partially a question of marketing, which invites us into the realm of web presence strategies, affiliate programs, aggregators and so on. More importantly, however, awareness must also speak to the benefit and value contained within the books themselves...

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Marketing: Marketing as Opportunism

Brenda is surviving the troubled waters of a difficult estate settlement for her deceased husband with resilience. In a recent discussion with her it seemed as though she was swimming in the shark infested waters of human greed, materialism and want - not only with family members but with people called "marketers" as well. These "marketers," it seemed, regularly scan the obituaries as a means to "prospect" new clients. They do so not by having a conversation with Brenda, for they don't have a relationship with her but now desire one based on "sales," but by mailing investment information to her. So it seems that her loss is another person's opportunity for gain. Arriving in her mail are "sales packages" from major banks and investment firms outlining the benefits of their "products" and "services" and promoting the "integrity" of their "brand." There is an important message for marketers here...

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Marketing: Markets As Conversation

Markets are conversations? Is this accurate? I wonder if what we are really doing is marketing the idea of a conversation. Am I having a conversation with you right now? Of course not, I'm posting some writing in a weblog. If this post is picked up, or I link into another weblog, via comments, trackback and links is a conversation emerging? No, thoughts presented as text on a screen are being connected via code...

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Research Archive: Trade & Commerce

A list of Trade & Commerce resources powered by Furl, Feedburner, and Feed2JS:

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Weblog Design: Affiliations

Listed below are the various services and affiliations used by EDN...

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