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Web 2.0: TagCloud and Bloglines Subscriptions

I am trying an experiment with TagCloud and Bloglines. The idea is to transition my blogroll into a a series of tags that allow me to access the various RSS Feeds I read through tags. Here is what it looks like...

EDN Content TagCloud

This approach offers a different way of viewing a collection of RSS feeds. Rather than viewing each feed separately, TagCloud organizes the content from all feeds through tags. That is, clicking on a tag aggregates content from various feeds. While I am unsure how effective this is, it does offer a different way of reading and displaying RSS feeds.

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Hi James,

I'm thinking you are precisely right. I've played with this a little bit and really see nothing that useful in it. Nothing there a quick search wouldn't reveal. The tagclouds here are likely to disappear before too long.

Thanks for the comment,

I think tagclouds are designed for geeks and research. They should be hidden away unless you are doing that. I think they are a transitionary information visualization to something more useful and with less "overload". Seeing hundreds of text links is painful to my eyes even if some of the links are larger. It would nice to be able to change modes of visualization between tag clouds to other more minimal formats. Designers will hopefully come up with some solutions for this in the months/years to come.

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