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Listed below are specific references to books, music and movies. Related weblog entries in EDN can be found by searching for the name or title.

Alger, Brian.
The Experience Designer: Learning, Networks and the Cybersphere

Auden, W. H.
Life of a Poet

Bateson, Gregory.
Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity

Biko, Steve.
The Testimony of Steve Biko
Black Consciousness in South Africa
Cry Freedom (DVD)
Biko - Peter Gabriel: The Videos (DVD)
Biko - Peter Gabriel (MP3)

Bloom, Alan.
The Closing Of The American Mind

Bronson, Po.
What Should I Do With My Life?

Burke, James.
The Knowledge Web
The Pinball Effect

Campbell, Joseph.
Pathways to Bliss: Mythology and Personal Transformation
The Power of Myth

Capra, Fritjof.
The Web of Life : A New Scientific Understanding of Living Systems

Castaneda, Carlos.
Journey To Ixtlan

Cervantes, Miguel de.
Don Quixote

Chrichton, Michael.

Courtenay, Bryce.
The Power of One
The Power of One (DVD)

Cowan, James.
Two Men Dreaming

De Bono, Edward.
Six Thinking Hats

De Kerckhove, Derrick.
The Skin of Culture: Investigating the New Electronic Reality
Connected intelligence: The Arrival of the Web Society

Diamond, Stephen.
Anger, Violence and the Daimonic: The Psychological Genesis of Violence, Evil and Creativity

Dineen, Tana.
Manufacturing Victims: What The Psychology Industry Is Doing To People

Downer, John.
Lifesense: Our Lives Through Animal Eyes

Ehrenreich, Barbara.
Nickel and Dimed: On (not) getting by in America

Eldon, Dan.
The Art of Life
The Journals of Dan Eldon

Findley, Timothy.
Inside Memory

Frankl, Viktor.
Man's Search For Meaning

Freire, Paulo.
Pedagogy of the Oppressed
Pedagogy of Freedom: Ethics, Democracy, and Civic Courage

Gabriel, Peter
Biko (MP3)
Peter Gabriel: The Videos

Gibson, William.
Pattern Recognition

Goffman, Erving.
The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life

Gould, George.
A New Medical Dictionary

Hall, Edward.
The Silent Language

Harvey, Ken.
The Town That Forgot How To Breathe

Heim, Michael.
The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality

Hesse, Hermann.
The Glass Bead Game: (Magister Ludi) A Novel

Holt, John.
How Children Learn

Honore, Carl.
In Praise of Slow: How a Worldwide Movement Is Challenging the Cult of Speed

Huxley, Aldous.
The Art of Seeing
The Doors of Perception | Heaven and Hell

Jamison, Kay Redfield.
An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness

Jarrett, Keith
The Koln Concert (CD)
The Koln Concert (MP3)

Kreviazuk, Chantel.
What If It All Means Something (CD)
Time: on What If It All Means Something (MP3)

Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth.
On Death And Dying: What The Dying Have To Teach Doctors, Nurses, Clergy, And Their Own Families

Longworth, Norman.
Making Lifelong Learning Work

McAdams, Dan.
The Stories We Live By

McLuhan, Marshall.
Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man
The Medium is the Massage

Moore, MariJo (ed.).
Genocide of the Mind: New Native American Writing

Moore, Thomas.
Care of the Soul : A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life
Dark Nights of the Soul: A Guide to Finding Your Way Through Life's Ordeals

Ornish, Dean.
Love and Survival: 8 Pathways to Intimacy and Health

Pert, Candace.
Molecules Of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine

Pierre Jean Cousin and Kirsten Hartvig.
Vitality Foods for Health & Fitness

Pilzer, Paul.
The Wellness Revolution

Pink Floyd.
A Momentary Lapse of Reason (CD)
On The Turning Away (MP3)

Postman, Neil.
The Disappearance of Childhood
Technopoly : The Surrender of Culture to Technology

Potts, Rolph.

Restak, Richard.
Brainscapes: An Introduction to What Neuroscience Has Learned About the Structure, Function, and Abilities of the Brain
The New Brain : How the Modern Age Is Rewiring Your Mind

Rheingold, Howard.
Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution

Rilke, Rainer.
Letters To A Young Poet

Sartre, Jean-Paul.
Being and Nothingness

Saul, John Ralston.
On Equilibrium

Schwartz, Peter.
The Art of the Long View: Planning for the Future in an Uncertain World

Sennett, Richard.
The Corrosion of Character: The Personal Consequences of Work in the New Capitalism.

Shaw, Bernard.
Man and Superman

Simon, David.
Vital Energy: The Seven Keys to Invigorate Body, Mind and Soul

Starr, Mirabai (Translator).
Dark Night Of The Soul: St. John Of The Cross

History Will Teach Us Nothing

Suzuki, David.
The Sacred Balance: Rediscovering Our Place In Nature

Twain, Mark.
A Curious Dream

Weihenmayer, Eric.
Touch The Top Of The World: A Blind Man's Journey To Climb Farther Than The Eye Can See

Wennstrom, Jerry.
The Inspired Heart : An Artist's Journey of Transformation

Wilde, Oscar.
The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde

Williamson, Bill.
Lifeworlds and Learning: Essays in the Theory, Philosophy and Practice of Lifelong Learning

Wilson, Edward.
Consilience : The Unity of Knowledge

Whyte, David.
Crossing The Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity
The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America

Williams, Tennesse.
The Glass Menagerie

Wurman, Richard.
Information Anxiety

Vanier, Jean.
Becoming Human

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