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Network: Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN)

The Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN) is an organization focused on developing network learning environments designed to provide practical and concrete assistance for disabled people. The definition and purpose of a personal network is clearly articulated, and focused on the promotion and development of human values and experiences...

Personal Networks ensure a safe and secure future for your loved one with a disability and contribute to their quality of life by:
  • Advocating on behalf of your relative
  • Providing links to others in the community
  • Securing and monitoring supports and services
  • Spending time with the person
  • Planning, dreaming, socializing and having fun
  • Providing security and a sense of relief for all family members
  • Acting as a resource for executors and trustees
  • Proving potential executors and trustees
  • Keeping key players well informed
  • Acting as representatives and support decision making
  • Providing a forum for Network members to support one another

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