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Connected Intelligence: Impact

Connected Intelligence Learning Environments are designed to shift many of the traditional assumptions about education, teaching, instruction and assessment into a new paradigm of learning. The essential shifts are...

  1. Education System
    • From: A self-regulated and separate aspect of society, culture and economy…
    • To: An integrated system of lifelong and source of innovation for cultural and economic development.

  2. Organizatonal Design
    • From: monolithic bureaucratic hierarchies of mass communication...
    • To: Flexible and adaptive networks of communication

  3. Schools
    • From: A physical building where learning takes place…
    • To: A communications hub for global interactivity and participation

  4. Curriculum
    • From: A standardized pre-determined scheme of information and subject disciplines…
    • To: A flexible learning environment for knowledge creation and applicaton

  5. Instruction
    • From: Teacher as the source of expertise...
    • To: Distributed systems of expertise across all stakeholders

  6. Assessment and Evaluation
    • From: Standardized and imposed forms of testing...
    • To: A pervasive, inclusive and participatory culture of assessment.

  7. The Teacher
    • From: An expert in a particular field of information…
    • To: An experience designer focused on the mentorship of individual talent and potential

  8. The Student
    • From: A receiver of standardized information…
    • To: An active creator of knowledge and designer of experience

  9. Time
    • From: Abstract schedules and imposed systems of time management…
    • To: Flexible and adaptive time management in response to the needs of the learner

  10. Age
    • From: An artificial division of students into classes based on age groups…
    • To: Varied and diverse age groups collaborating on real world issues and problems

  11. Knowledge
    • From: A static body of information to be distributed to people…
    • To: A dynamic system of experiences that evolve and change over time

  12. Skills
    • From: A common body of things people need to do…
    • A diverse body of capacities and abilities that grow over time

  13. Attitudes
    • From: A standardized set of behaviors based on societal expectations…
    • To: Individual development of emotional capacities that benefit self and others

  14. Products
    • From: Information, facts, data
    • To: Behavior, prototypes, experience

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