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Lifestyle: The Foundation for a Better Life

Here is something very refreshing indeed:

"GOOD NEWS: Good things are happening in the news. Discover positive news reports from all over the world on individuals making a difference in their market-segments. All news articles relate to one or more values and all illustrate individuals who are passing on good values with their example."


The Foundation for a Better Life: Good News Section contains a wealth of personal and authentic stories unified by the ideal of promoting values that help people to live a better life. This would make an excellent "default mode" for the news media instead of what we are constantly bombarded with from day to day, and it is also an excellent way to gather and explore patterns in narratives that may help inform our own lives.

I was quite impressed by the "About" section, and since the FBL asks us to spread the word, I am happy to share their message here (hilites are mine):

The Foundation for a Better Life is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization started in 2000. The programs and projects of the Foundation are non-commercial and are solely humanitarian endeavors; the Foundation does not seek nor accept contributions or donations of any kind and is privately funded. The Foundation supports the belief that each individual is entitled to personal dignity and self-respect and that most individuals are willing, when given the opportunity, to take personal responsibility for their actions and well-being. The Foundation also believes that capable people may also benefit from encouragement and reminders from time to time. Generally people who have the opportunity and the ability will make appropriate common sense decisions which will have a positive and uplifting effect on themselves, their community, and their country.

The mission of The Foundation for a Better Life, through various media efforts, is to encourage adherence to a set of quality values through personal accountability and by raising the level of expectations of performance of all individuals regardless of religion or race. Through these efforts, the Foundation wants to remind individuals they are accountable and empowered with the ability to take responsibility for their lives and to promote a set of values that sees them through their failures and capitalizes on their successes. An individual who takes responsibility for his or her actions will take care of his or her family, job, community, and country.

The Foundation for a Better Life creates public service campaigns to communicate the values that make a difference in our communities-values such as honesty, caring, optimism, hard work, and helping others. These messages, communicated utilizing television, theatres, billboards, radio, internet, etc., model the benefits of a life lived by positive values. The Foundation encourages others to step up to a higher level and then to pass on those positive values they have learned. These seemingly small examples of individuals living values-based lives may not change the world, but collectively they will make a difference. And in the process help make the world a better place for everyone. After all, developing values and then passing them on to others is The Foundation for a Better Life.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Foundation for a Better Life does not sell posters of its billboards. Neither does the Foundation sell copies of its Public Service Announcements. You are welcome to print off personal copies of the billboards from our web site.

Schools may request posters of billboards in our current inventory by e-mailing the Foundation under the "Contact Us" heading. Please include a contact person, school name and address and why the posters are being requested. Each request will be considered separately.

The Foundation for a Better Life is not affiliated with any political groups or religious organizations.

We appreciate the wonderful support from the media.

If you are affiliated with a television station, theatre exhibitor or outdoor advertising company and are interested in receiving information about participating in The Foundation for a Better Life's public service campaign, please e-mail the Foundation using the "Contact Us" form. Include your name, company and contact information (including phone number).

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That's great! This is a powerful site - and I like the fact that there is a very clear "grassroots" feel to it, not to mention the focus on positive life stories.

This is really excellent! What a great idea, focusing on the positive! I love finding these tidbits in newspapers, but can't stand having to wade through all the awful stuff to find them... so, this is great. I added an ActiveWord for the site: 'goodnews'.

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