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Language: Learning - A Maze of Adjectives

I recently read an article that was recommended on another site. What struck me was not the message being promoted but the various uses of the word "learning." This isn't a comprehensive list, but here's what I found in the article:

"naturalistic and authentic approaches to learning"
"authentic and complex, but highly naturalistic nature of Web-based learning"
"understanding and experiencing non-linear and complexity-based online learning"
"learning approaches, characterised as chaotic, constructivist, integrated and multi-faceted, and where play is central"
"learning is incidental"
"Web-based non-linear learning"
"informal learning"
"the development of the course toward a complex, non-linear learning environment"
"learn to adapt to change"
"learn with and from technology"
"learn and engage with technology"
"learning experiences "
"thinking and learning as an emergent process / emergent learning"
"self-directed computer learning"
"exploratory or playful approaches to computer learning"
"computer learning "
"learning approaches"
"rate of learning acquisition"
"learning goals"
"flexible, learner-driven structure"
"personally significant learning"
"experiential learning"
"every-day non-institutional learning"
"exploratory learning"
"non-linear, complexity-based learning approaches"
"independent and flexible learning context"
"a learning environment which was relevant and challenging for all students"
"It is this exploratory learning which was promoted through the non-linear learning environment."
"authentic and day-to-day learning approaches"
"self-directed learners"
"need to know how to own their own learning"
"appropriate and preferred learning"

We all know that a word is something less than the thing it attempts to describe. Sometimes I read articles only to see how the word learning gets used. I am finding that the word learning seems to be a kind of catch-all word that is often used more for effect than developing insight.

Perhaps what this list really signifies are the out of control aspects of the word learning and an opportunity to build some core ideas for us to focus on?

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